our Breakthroughs

When your passion is to exceed expectations, there are no exits on the road to pleasing clients. Control is the name of the game, and we provide more of it. More visibility. More flexibility. More accountability. These are the tenants of the TriCore Triple Theory Breakthrough™. In the virtual world, this is the intersection of industry know-how and unrelenting application software design. These are the innovations we provide to revolutionize control over your process controls.

TCflexCLEAN: ROI Apps for CIP Mishaps.

With TCflexCLEAN, you gain maximum control of your CIP operations and start reducing costs the moment it’s employed. It is the brainchild of our staff process control engineers and programmers who have developed it as application software to make your life easier managing CIP systems and cycles.

Imagine modifying your CIP system without the assistance of an engineer or PLC programmer. That’s the beauty of TCflexCLEAN. Individual steps can be optimized to save time, chemicals and energy without an engineer present—and without sidestepping sanitation requirements. Ultimately, it empowers you and eliminates your dependence on certain personnel, specific chemicals or chemical suppliers.
Additional savings are realized by matching CIP cleaning profiles to specific products you make—allowing you to precision-target utility and chemical use and more effectively reduce waste. All of which is easily managed through its reporting feature, providing you with the required sanitation log and auditing trail.

TCflexTRACK: Your round-the-clock eyes and ears on the plant floor.

Our latest application software breakthrough provides a window into every aspect of your manufacturing process. TCflexTRACK does just that. It tracks. Every action taken by operators on the plant floor, identifying discrepancies from one batch to the next or one shift from another. Managers can sort data by event, user name or date and time. Compatible with any Microsoft database, TCflexTRACK gives you the answers you need to optimize your process efficiency, and locates potential trouble spots in your operation before they turn into costly downtime.

TCflexWEIGH: Preventing ounces from becoming “ouches!”

TCflexWEIGH is a statistical process control application we developed that squeezes more profit out of each product package without trying to squeeze in more finished product. Brilliant. It uses a proven optimization technique based on a statistical analysis of package weights. This precision analysis lowers your average package weight while maintaining and documenting all legal label weight requirements. Basically, it prevents the slightest of overfills from becoming the slightest of expenses that slip out the door instead of into shareholder pockets.

TCflexBATCH: The recipe for healthier bottom lines.

How productive is your current batching equipment? Is your product good, but find profitability leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Part of a healthy bottom line is efficient equipment and productive employees. If either is lacking, you won’t enjoy the profits you crave. TCflexBATCH is the only recipe your operation needs.

All the ingredients you need for successful batching are included in this revolutionary application software package. TCflexBATCH is the ultimate recipe manager that simplifies batching and increases product quality and consistency. It is intuitively designed to enhance operator interface and improve accuracy, while at the same time offering built-in inhibits to prevent common oversights or missteps. It’s just what you need to bring your personnel and equipment in line with your end goals.

TCflowDIVERT: Go with the flow with more.

TriCore offers the latest in flow diversion panel technology and design with the innovative TCflowDivert. This is another example of our blind need to please our clients. They not only want more options, they need more options to better manage and improve their processes. This panel is all that and more. Based on Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 technology, panels are meticulously documented, quality crafted, and rigorously tested to get you up and running fast.

Not just process control engineers and programmers, process control visionaries.