our Know-How

Successful implementations of automated process controls are no accident. They’re outcomes of a simple formula we employ daily on the job: We care more. Which makes sinking ourselves into projects and hyper-focusing on solutions to boost your bottom line easier for us.

Electrical Engineering

Our expert team of Electrical Engineers is innovatively versed in all manufacturing network design, electrical design, and hardware provisions necessary to the success of your automated control system. We develop and deliver a comprehensive control system electrical design package, including plant floor network architecture drawings, control and motor control panel layout drawings, detailed electrical schematics, field wiring specifications, and control system bill of materials. All control system hardware requirements are met by providing fully assembled control panels built to rigorous industry standards, with adherence to standards such as NEC, NFPA, UL and CSA—as TriCore will specify and provide the process control equipment and instrumentation required for your application.

PLC Programming

TriCore’s vast expertise in controlling automated systems encompasses most major programmable logic controller (PLC) makes and models. Our staff boasts hundreds of years of combined PLC programming experience—ranging from the simplest to the most complex control applications. Our PLC applications are designed with the end-user in mind and take into account everything from optimal production operations, product and personal safety, and system maintenance. Regardless of size or complexity, our PLC programs comply with definitive structure and documentation standards. When it comes to programming logic controllers, TriCore represents the best the industry has to offer.

Visualization Software

Visualization Software is your window into the automated process. To that end, TriCore creates an exceptional graphical presentation of your process equipment and operations. We deploy solutions on all major platforms including Rockwell, Wonderware, GE/Intellution, and more.  Clients describe our systems as “intuitive” and “easy to work with,” significantly enhancing operator effectiveness while keeping careful tabs on who did what, where and when throughout the entire process.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence is not an afterthought, but a core competency within the overall scope of what we do. TriCore arms you with the information needed most to effectively manage your operation. From real-time reporting and trending factors of your process to statistical and efficiency analyses—connecting information from the factory floor to the boardroom—we go the extra mile to provide thorough and comprehensive data to unleash the full potential of your business.

Process Startup & Commissioning

Implementing a process control system is where the rubber hits the road. When the chickens come home to roost. And nobody’s more poised or ready to fulfill your needs. We commission a wide range of projects, from small process upgrades to “Greenfield” installations. Our experienced site managers coordinate both mechanical and electrical contractors; thus, insuring a smooth, successful installation. Automation engineers perform rigorous onsite sequence testing not only to optimize system operation, but to insure product and personnel safety as well. With our comprehensive classroom and “hands on” training, you can be confident your staff will be prepared and realize the full value of your investment.  

Calibration Services

You need to keep your systems in top running condition. We have the tools and the talent to keep you sprinting. Our ASQ certified technicians will calibrate your process instrumentation to peak operational levels. Calibration certificates are provided for your records, and for safe keeping they are filed in our in-house calibration database. Squeeze the most efficiency you can from the performance boosting calibration services of Team TriCore. 

Network Engineering Services

An Ethernet Network is a beautiful thing. Especially since it increases the speed of communication, which ultimately improves interoperability and contributes to the overall success of the plant. But there’s a catch. It has to be done right. And it’s not always easy because any interruptions in the relay of information in a plant process can be disastrous. Suffice it to say, there’s a major difference between the concept of “Network Engineering” and what we like to call Industrial Network Engineering.

At TriCore, we understand Networking Engineering of the industrial kind because it’s what we do. The difference between an Ethernet network used in the front office for email, web and file transfers differs greatly from an Ethernet network used for industrial applications. Email delayed by one second because of a slow network has little or no impact on user efficiency. Delayed information to a PLC by one second could halt a process. So when it comes to capitalizing on the benefits of the Ethernet, why put your control engineer to the task? Turn it over to us and we’ll design and configure a network that is not only precisely matched to your operation, but also one that fully delivers on its promise.

It starts with a Gantt chart. It ends with off-the-chart profitability.