our Wiring

You know those types who take themselves and their work way too seriously? Or the types who are shy and reveal little of their personalities? Yeah, you won’t find those types of personalities here. We’re much more open and fun-loving than that. Prima donnas may have a place in some companies, but there’s no room for people like that at TriCore. We wouldn’t do that to our customers.

From the beginning, TriCore established a more purposeful, results-oriented working environment—one that promotes team collaboration and leverages individual backgrounds and experiences. In brainstorming terms, establish a working atmosphere where creative sparks could fly and innovative solutions abound. The results have been nothing short of groundbreaking—where so much of the satisfaction of what we do is realized. Outside of our degrees and accolades, you wouldn’t know we were engineers.

You would, however, recognize each of us as long-time members of your project team. Not only do we attract the best and the brightest, we retain the best and the brightest. Turnover is rare. Combine this with our collective need to exceed expectations, and you benefit from the ultimate pipeline of fresh ideas and resilient thinking.

To learn more, contact us at infousa@tricore.com