our Drive

In a time when automation control inefficiencies, catastrophic product loss and profit-evaporating downtimes constantly threaten bottom-lines—and restful nights—TriCore responds with a more thorough, comprehensive approach to systems integration. One of which that is backed by an unprecedented commitment to exceed customer expectations.

Simply put, if we’re not making your job (and life) easier, we’re not satisfying our own expectations.

“Programmed to please” (or as we like to say, “PTP”) is more than a catchy slogan. It is symbolic of the pride we enjoy from doing more than is expected of us. The pride in fixing system bugs whether they’re ours or not. Or the pride in walking operators through new HMI graphics as many times as is necessary for them to develop full command over the system; thus, improving productivity and reducing batching errors.

Beyond conventional design, programming and supporting automated controls is a side of this work that, frankly, is lost on many of our competitors: the human-side. Which is the emotional wiring of process engineers and programmers who do this kind of work. The way our team relates to customers is just as vital to us as their technical skills.

To that end, we look for people who are mindful of those little things that make the biggest differences in client relationships. That’s how our team rolls and how we develop more innovative solutions as a partner. To learn more, contact us at infousa@tricore.com.

They say necessity is the mother of all invention.  We say exceeding expectations is.