our Story

August 25, 1991 was a momentous day in the history of process controls and systems integration. Yes, TriCore first opened its doors on that fateful day, but as much as we’d like to believe that event alone was historic, the real game-changer revealed itself in the way we connect with customers and earn their trust. Don’t get us wrong. When it comes to automating fluid manufacturing processes and improving bottom-lines, no one knocks it out of the proverbial ballpark farther.

Call it good ‘ole fashioned Midwestern values. Call it a blind need to please. Call it what you will. The fundamental truth behind our business success—now spanning three decades—is rooted in one simple belief:

We do what’s right and fix what’s wrong.

It’s a philosophy we cultivated from the onset with customers in the Dairy and Beverage industries. Through the years, as our knowledge-base and expertise broadened, we found our approach flourishing in fertile new industries, such as Food & Baked Goods and Life Sciences—paying dividends essentially to anyone whose product lines required the flow of ingredients through a strictly controlled maze of stainless steel pipes and tanks.

To this day, we remain a privately owned, Racine, Wisconsin-based company—a fact that gives us immense pride and satisfaction—especially considering today’s multi-national (and multi-discipline) corporate climate. Our focus, still, is customers. Not mergers or acquisitions. To learn more about us, and how you can benefit from our approach, contact us at infousa@tricore.com.

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