dairy Case Studies

Batching the New with the Upgraded

National Dairy Company joins forces with TriCore to expand batching system controls and increase production capabilities for new formulas, yielding greater output using existing dairy and nondairy extended shelf life (ESL) products. Upon implementing a new batching system capable of both traditional unit batch operations and continuous batching, TriCore then integrated the new batching systems with a new aseptic processor and new aseptic filling system, based on a fully integrated Ethernet architecture consisting of Allen Bradley ControlLogix processors, distributed Ethernet IP based Flex IO, Ethernet IP based Allen Bradley Powerflex VFDs, and a Rockwell FactoryTalk View SE based redundant client server HMI system.

To optimize system performance, TriCore installed batching application software to improve recipe management and dairy-based recipe formulation for greater product consistency and standardization of ingredients inclusive of overall recipe fats and solids components. A SQL Server based data collection and reporting system provided historical trending to improve operations, along with advanced web-based batch reports and ingredient usage reports, as well as user activity reports.